Police Officers Brave Rising Flood Waters to Rescue Bull Mastiff in Western Australia

Two police officer risked their lives by wading through rising floodwaters to rescue a dog near Northam, in Western Australia, on August 18.

WA Police reported at around 7.30am they received a call from a member of the public advising of a vehicle that was stuck in flood waters on Katrine Road in Katrine.

“Two police officers from the Northam Police Station attended the location and located a Bull Mastiff called ‘Max’ trapped in the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle, an 80-year-old man, was able to exit his car and get to dry land but was unable to rescue Max,” police said.

The man’s car was 20 metres into the water with floodwater moving above the driver’s side tyres, according to police.

“The two officers quickly entered the water and attempted to lure Max out via the boot, however Max was too scared to leave the vehicle,” police said. “The decision was then made to grab Max, who weighs around 30 kilograms, and lift him from the vehicle.”

The officers were assisted by a tow truck driver who helped them to climb out of the water, while carrying the dog, and onto his lowered tilt tray.

The video shows the flood rescue and Max happily reunited with his owner. Credit: WA Police via Storyful

Video transcript

JOHN POMROY: Yes, on Thursday we got a call that there'd been a car trapped in the water. There'd been a heap of rain the day before, and that's when we saw the little Peugeot in the water there. And we could just see Max's little silhouette in the back window.

We could see that the water was going to get-- it was getting a bit higher. And that's where Al and I have gone, yeah, if we're going to do something, we're going to have to do it now. Had to climb in because he kept going to the front of the car, but yeah, grabbed him.

Had to carry him back, but he froze. He didn't-- didn't want to touch the water. And then it was only afterwards we saw the water rising and the potential for the car to move-- and that, yeah, the dog had no chance if the car did move.

RICHARD: The conditions were deteriorating all the time, and it became-- well, like I say, it was a matter of doing it then or not doing it. Yeah, I think it was above and beyond their call, really. Very, very appreciative, very grateful, yes.

JOHN POMROY: Yeah, when we got him back it was, yeah, a big sigh of relief. Just knowing that he's back, he's happy, that tail was wagging-- all worth it. And I know that anybody who would have got the job would have done the same thing. Like it's-- we were just the ones that got the job, and that's it.