Police officers save life of Shoreditch stab victim who clambered into their car

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 (Met Police)
(Met Police)

Police officers in central London have saved the life of a stab victim who clambered into the back of a patrol car with serious injuries.

Officers were driving towards Old Street roundabout in Shoreditch, east London, when they were alerted to a possible stabbing.

PCs Saul Glick, Mubashar Mirza and Zoheb Zuber had stepped out of their car to assess the situation when one spotted the bloodied man climb inside while clutching his neck.

The team used the car as a makeshift ambulance with one officer administering CPR while another drove him to hospital.

“I could see straight away that he was losing a significant amount of blood,” said PC Glick.

“It quickly became apparent that if we didn’t get him to hospital quickly, he might go into shock and die.

“We didn’t have time to wait for an ambulance as we normally would.

“I got into the back with him and gave him first aid. There was so much blood that it was difficult to even find the wound, but I managed to locate it and pack it as best as I could.”

PC Zuber initially took the driving seat and drove the man to nearby Box Park where they met with advanced driver Sergeant Adam Bright who could “blue light” them to a nearby hospital.

“He was incredibly fortunate that we just happened to be at that location. Had he made his own way to hospital I’m not sure the outcome would have been a positive one,” said PC Zuber.

“I knew we couldn’t afford to wait for other units or emergency services to get to us.

“Old Street roundabout was packed with traffic and we didn’t have any time to waste. The fact he had a neck wound meant we had to take decisive action.”

The incident, from being flagged down to arriving at hospital, took seven minutes.

“Speed was of the essence that day,” said PC Mirza.

“Just looking at him it was clear we needed to treat him as swiftly as possible and put those things we were taught as part of our training into action.

“It’s an extraordinary set of circumstances to literally stumble across an incident like this and not something I’ll forget quickly.”

The officer told how the team worked “almost instinctively without having to say too much to each other.”

PC Glick stayed with the victim in hospital until it became clear he was going to survive.

He has made a full recovery following the knife attack on May 5.

The quick thinking team were praised by the roads and transport policing command.

Chief Inspector Lora John said: “As police officers, every day is unpredictable and you never know what you might be called to do next.

“Their exemplary teamwork no doubt prevented the victim from suffering any long lasting injury and may even have saved his life.”

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