Police Parade Residents Accused of Violating COVID-19 Regulations Through Jingxi

Police in China’s Guangxi region paraded four residents accused of allegedly assisting in illegal border crossings and violating COVID-19 regulations through the streets of Jingxi city on December 28, according to local news reports.

Footage released by Baise Politics and Law shows armed police forming barricades around the suspects who are seen wearing hazmat suits and receiving “on-site disciplinary warning for violation of the ‘ten rules’”, they said.

On August 4, the Guangxi government issued the “ten rules” as disciplinary measures to punish illegal activities that hinder epidemic prevention and control. Residents were prohibited to travel across borders without permission while relatives and friends were not allowed to visit, they wrote in a statement.

According to local media, officials from Jingxi City and Anning Township said the disciplinary actions were appropriate. Credit: Baise Politics and Law via Storyful

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