Police pull over middle lane-hogging motorist on M55

By Jack Evans
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Police pull over middle lane-hogging motorist on M55

Lancashire Roads Police issued a tweet to show others how they shouldn’t drive on the motorway

Lancashire Roads Police tweeted a video of a lane-hogging incident to show others ‘how not to stop on the motorway’.

The account asked followers to ‘guess’ the initial offence in a tweet which showed a vehicle attempting to stop in a live lane on the M55 in Blackpool when requested to come to a halt by following officers.

Lancashire Road Police tweeted: “Please take a moment to learn how NOT to stop on the m’way when requested to do so by police.

“Fortunately the drivers behind held back to a safe distance allowing this incident to come to a safe conclusion! M55 B’pool – Can you guess the initial offence?”

The footage, which comes from a camera mounted to the dashboard of the police vehicle, shows the car in question swerving over all three lanes of the motorway, before coming to a stop in the hard shoulder.

Officers had pulled the car over for ‘hogging’ the middle lane, and failing to move across into the inside lane.

According to the account, the driver had been driving in the middle lane for a full 30-40 seconds prior to the video starting.

Replying to account user @Noll_UK, Lancashire Road Police said: “No excuse Mark. Just very poor driving standards!”