Police Raid Ends 5-Day Siege in Coventry Involving 8-Year-Old Boy

Police forced their way into a house in Coventry, England, on Thursday evening, January 13, to bring an end to a five-day siege that began when a 41-year-old man barricaded himself inside his home on Sunday along with his eight-year-old son.

Police said the father had been taken into custody and would be assessed by mental health professionals. His son was believed to be unharmed and was in the care of other family members, police said.

“His safety was our main concern throughout this and so I’m sure everyone in Coventry shares in our relief that we have been able to get him safely out of the house today,” Coventry Police Superintendent Ronan Tyrer said in the statement.

The raid was carried out by “specialist firearms officers” just after 8.30 pm, police said.

This footage, shot by Joe Davoile, shows several loud flashes accompanied by loud bangs inside a ground-floor room of the house. Police officers then smash the window of that room from the outside and climb through to enter it. Credit: Joe Davoile via Storyful

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