Police Rescue Woman From 10-Foot-Deep Floodwater in Orlando

Deputies used rope to rescue a woman from rushing floodwater in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday, September 29, after storm Ian crossed the state, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said that the woman was trapped in water, which deputies said was 10 feet deep, after her car was swept away by powerful flooding.

Bodycam footage posted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which was timestamped as being taken on Thursday, shows “five deputies form[ing] a human chain” to save the woman from flowing floodwater in Orlando.

Recovery efforts continued on Friday with nearly two million power outages across the state, according to the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that state officials were “considering 21 deaths across the state that could be blamed on Hurricane Ian” on Friday. Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript

- Is there anybody in there?

- In the car there?

- Just you?

- Just her.

- Right there, yeah.


- You good?

- Yep.

- Give some slack. We're anchored. Hey! I think we're good.

- Go slow. Go slow. Go slow. Go slow.

- Pull. Pull. Pull. Pull. Pull. Pull. Pull.

- All right, we got it. We got it.

- All right. All right, ma'am. Come up this way. You all right?

- Yeah? You OK?

- I'm OK.

- There you go.


- The rope will float down to him?

- Yeah.