Police Rescue Woman From Overturned Vehicle in Vero Beach Canal

Police released bodycam footage of the rescue of a woman from a vehicle that had overturned in a canal in Vero Beach, Florida, on July 23.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office released footage showing an officer, identified by local media as Corporal Tony Le, rushing to aid a woman trapped in an overturned vehicle. The woman, identified only as Linda, was suspended upside down by her seatbelt with her head in water.

Le smashed a window and cut the seatbelt to help pull the woman out. Members of Indian River County Fire Rescue also assisted in the rescue and helped load the woman onto a back board. Police said she was transported to Lawnwood Trauma Center and gave her condition as stable. Credit: Indian River County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript

- Hey, How's it going, man?

- Vehicle roll. Are they still inside?

- Yeah, but the airbags are off, I can't see anybody and the doors are locked.

- Get out of there. Have you got them out or no?


- They're still inside, airbags deployed.

- It just happened, like, three minutes-- two minutes ago.

- It was two minutes ago.

- If two minutes ago.


Can you hear me?

- Yes.

- All right, what's your name?

- Linda.

- What's that?

- Linda.

- Linda? All right, Linda. We're going to get you out of there, OK? All right, dear. Is your seat belt on? I got it, Butch. Is your seat belt on, ma'am?

- Yes.

- Are you hanging upside down?

- Yes.

- OK.

- [? 11-4, ?] I got the back window broken and I'm inside. She's hanging upside down from the seatbelt. What's that, dear?

- I can't move.

- I know you can't move, just stay still, OK? We're going to get you out.

- Yeah.

- Linda, can you hear me?

- Yes.

- OK. Get your head out of the water, Miss Linda.

- Give me knife. I got it.

- We got to cut her out.

- Miss Linda?

- Yes.

- OK. Stay still, don't move. I'm going to cut that seatbelt, OK?

- OK.

- All right. Get on the radio, tell him what's going on.

- Get her head out of the water.

- Here-- Miss Linda. Tony, grab my arm. Somebody grab her arm, come on. Grab my arm Miss Linda. John, get over here. I got her. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. All right, let's hold still. Hold her still. You OK? Just breathe.

- 1-4, just cut her out.

- You're all right, breathe. Keep your head sideways. Give her a second.


OK, let's get back up.


- Can you hold that?

- Yep. All right, Miss Linda, here we go. We got you.

- I got it.

- Watch your step.

- Go ahead first. Yeah, all right.

- We got to go head first.

- Watch you back, you want to swap out with-- got it?

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