Police reveal Clapham chemical attack suspect and victim had been in a relationship

The Met Police have issued an update on the Clapham chemical attack suspect, saying that the victim and suspect were in a relationship, according to their enquiries.

In a video posted to social media on Wednesday, 7 February, police said they have a clearer idea of Abdul Shokoor Ezedi’s possible motive one week on from the attack.

“We understand from our enquiries that the possible motive is that the victim and suspect were in a relationship which had broken down,” said Commander Jon Savell

The victim, a 31-year-old mother, remains in critical but stable condition, and police have been unable to speak to her.

Currently, the last known whereabouts of Ezedi was near Vauxhall Bridge Road at 11:03pm on 31 January.

Darius Nasimi, from the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association charity, also appealed to the public to help trace Ezedi.