Police and Santa Deliver Surprise to Kid Whose Only Christmas Wish Was for Dad to Get New Car

A little boy from Rome, New York, got a special surprise from Santa on December 16, after he said he’d give up his own Christmas present in order to help out his dad.

Ten-year-old Xander wrote a letter to Santa to say that he would give up the only thing he wanted, a gaming system, if his father could get a new car.

After Xander wrote the letter, police said the “amazing staff at Carbone Honda presented Xander’s dad, AJ, with a new vehicle!”

However, Santa and his friends at the police department decided that Xander should also be rewarded for his selfless act, and arranged a visit to the boy’s home to gift him the gaming computer of his dreams.

Footage by the department shows the Rome Police PBA presenting the gift to Xander, and commending him on the sacrifice he was willing to make for his family. Credit: City of Rome, NY Police Department via Storyful