Police seize 'cloned' Mercedes ice cream van during Coventry and West Midlands crackdown

It was seized by West Midlands Police
-Credit: (Image: WMP Traffic)

A Mercedes ice cream van has been taken off the roads in a crackdown on illegal vehicles in Coventry and the West Midlands. Police seized a number of cars and vans across the region on Thursday (May 23).

Officers were said to have seized the brightly-coloured ice cream van in the West Midlands. It had been 'cloned' to avoid paying insurance, tax and MOT.

Police said the driver 'whipped up 99 excuses but they were not buying.' Cops said 'the music was stopped' and the ice cream van was seized.

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Officers from the Road Harm Prevention Team (RHPT) were also out in the city earlier this week and seized a Jaguar which had not been taxed since January. It was also found to be uninsured, WMP Traffic said on X.

Officers seized this Jaguar and Renault in Coventry
Officers seized this Jaguar and Renault in Coventry -Credit:West Midlands Police

A Renault Megane was also seized for having no insurance and no tread on one of the tyres, WMP Traffic said on X. Police said the crackdown on illegal vehicles forms part of Operation Tutelage.

A spokesman for Coventry Police said: “Operation Tutelage is a national police-led operation working together with partners to reduce the impact of untaxed, uninsured, untraceable and unsafe vehicles. If you see any suspicious or abandoned vehicles, please call us on 101.”

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