Police sent photographs of bad parking in this North Staffordshire village

A stock image of a car parked on a pavement
-Credit: (Image: Jon Brady/LDRS)

Fed-up families have sent photographs of bad parking in their neighbourhood to the police. And officers say they will be contacting the owners have the snapped vehicles in Cheddleton.

It comes as neighbourhood cops say there have been issues with cars parking on pavements leaving them unpassable for pedestrians. Now motorists have been warned to 'be considerate' and think carefully where they leave their vehicle.

Hotspot areas in the village include the areas on and around Cheadle Road. PCSO Adrian Waters, of Moorlands Local Policing Team, said: "Cars have been seen parked on pavements, completely blocking pedestrian access and meaning more vulnerable footpath users such as children, those on mobility scooters, wheelchairs and parents with pushchairs have not been able to proceed without going down the curb and onto the road.

"Additionally these parking issues have caused considerable consternation to the maintenance people commissioned to cut the grass sidings and verges. Photographs of offending vehicles have been sent to myself and I will be contacting the owners of the vehicles to provide suitable advice."

PCSO Waters says he hopes warnings will stop the need for any vehicles to be towed off. He added: "I understand that it can be difficult to find a suitable location to park at times, however please be considerate to pedestrians and other road users. If you have to park onto the pavement, please allow footpath users space to pass safely.

"Please pass the information on to your friends and visitors in the hope that the matter can be positively resolved without the need of resorting to legislation, fines and vehicle seizures."

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