Police speed checks on Swindon street where two died

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Speed checks on Ermin Street. Picture: SWINDON POLICE
Speed checks on Ermin Street. Picture: SWINDON POLICE

POLICE officers have been carrying out speed checks on a Swindon street where two people died in a crash.

The area's neighbourhoods team stopped on Ermin Street on Friday to check whether passing motorists were following the 30mph speed limit.

A spokesman for the force confirmed that, on this occasion, "all road users were driving within the speed limit".

Neighbours have been raising concerns about speeding on the busy Stratton road for a long time and there have been several accidents on the same stretch in recent years.

On Mothers Day in March, two men in their 30s - a motorcycle rider and a pillion passenger - died in a collision. The family of one victim, Shane Whitson, gave an emotional tribute to him.

In February, there was a crash on the same road which involved two cars.

In 2020, there were two instances of cars hitting stationary objects on the long residential street - a bollard and a wall.

In the following year there were two crashes involving two moving vehicles, two instances of parked cars being hit and two children - a 12 year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy - being hit by a car.

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council held a meeting in April in which they decided to ask the borough authority to consider better signage and rumble strips on Ermin Street.

One woman who pushed for the council to make the road safer by lowering the speed limit to 20mph or adding speed bumps was told to start a petition.

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