Police pull over HGV drivers after residents raise concerns over weight limits

Police stationed in Whitefield <i>(Image: GMP Bury South)</i>
Police stationed in Whitefield (Image: GMP Bury South)

Lorry drivers whose vehicles do not adhere to weight limits have been pulled over by police in Whitefield in patrols prompted by residents' concerns.

Special constables have been stationed on Dales Lane and Croft Lane in and ordering HGV drivers to stop if their vehicles' weights broke the law.

The Specials, who are voluntary officers for Greater Manchester Police, carried out the checks after complaints were made by residents about HGV drivers taking shortcuts and not following the weight limit laws.

A Bury police spokesperson said: “Whitefield: Our Special constables have been keeping an eye on Dales/Croft Lane and stopping HGV drivers who contravene the weight limit.

“This comes in response to residents’ concerns regarding HGVs taking short cuts and not obeying the weight limit.”

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