Police still dealing with speeding drivers on Akers Way, months after teen killed

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Teenager Harry Parker was killed on Akers Way last year <i>(Image: Wiltshire Police)</i>
Teenager Harry Parker was killed on Akers Way last year (Image: Wiltshire Police)

A neighbourhood policing team has discovered that people are still speeding along Akers Way.

The Stratton, Central Swindon North and West Swindon neighbourhood policing team carried out community patrols on March 21 and said that a "number" of drivers had been stopped for going too fast.

14-year-old Harry Parker was killed on the road just days before his 15th birthday last year, and new 20mph speed limit signs that flash during school hours have been installed.

But Wiltshire Police found on Tuesday that neither of these seem to have deterred people from exceeding the speed limit.

In a Facebook post, a spokesperson for the force said: "Your local Neighbourhood team has been out on proactive patrols again today.

"During the course of our day shift a number of drivers were stopped on Akers Way for speed-related offences."

After this, officers worked together with colleagues from the North East and Rural neighbourhood to hunt down two electric bike riders that had made off from them in Pinehurst.

One of these high-powered bikes was seized.

"Officers have also undertaken their usual duties, assisting with high-risk missing persons and responding to other calls during the day," the spokesperson added.