Police link third murder to deadly shootings at French job centre

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Police investigating two fatal shootings at a job centre and a refuse collection firm in Valence, south-eastern France, have added a third killing and an attempted murder earlier in the week to the inquiry.

Bullet casings found near the body of Estelle Luce in a car park in the town of Wolfgantzen match the 9mm weapon allegedly used by suspect Gabriel Fortin in the murders of Patricia Pasquion and Géraldine Caclin on Thursday.

Luce, 39, who was the head of human resources at Knauf, was shot three times at point blank range on Tuesday.

Shortly after the killing, Fortin went to the home in Wattwiller of Luce’s former boss at Emerson.

Posing to be a pizza deliverer, he allegedly fired at the man but the bullet hit the door. A jammed weapon prevented further shots and a scuffle ensued.


Fortin escaped, but he lost a number of personal belongings including his face mask and cap. DNA analysis confirmed the link.

It is understood Luce and her former boss were commissioned to carry out a restructuring and relocation operation at Emerson from 2006 during which Fortin lost his job.

Luce's name circulated on social networks through the hashtag #BalancetonDRH to complain about the working methods of human resources departments in large companies.

She had incurred the wrath of the trolls following a redundancy programme in 2009 at the Emerson company in the suburbs of Chartres.

Pasquion, 53, was shot dead at the job centre in Valence. Caclin, 51, died after she was gunned down in Guilherand-Granges.