Police undertake a forensic investigation of a property believed be linked to terror attacker Usman Khan

 A blue forensic tent and two blue screens were in front of Usman Khan's home in Wolverhampton Road in Stafford this weekend (Sat).

A cordon is also across the front of the red brick block which has been described by locals as a bail hostel for offenders.

Plain-clothes officers wearing blue gloves have been coming and going and uniformed officers are standing outside. 

Local Colette Darcy, 50, BMW worker, said: "The takeaway man told me there were police there yesterday evening.

"It was probably 5.30pm and I looke out to see a cordon there.  I didn't know it was that. 

Nothing really happens in Stafford.It's a bit scary being so close."

A shop assistant said: "He has never been in here. I've never seen him."

Matt Caddock, 39, garage worker, said: "I've never seen him before unless his appearance has changed. 

''The place is full of ex-offenders but there's never been problems before."

Anna Kordon, 42, factory worker, said: "I don't know him. 

"I saw the police guarding the door when I went out at 6am this morning. I didn't know what it was about but I'm scared now."