Police video a Good Samaritan reviving a squirrel and the internet loves it

When most motorists hit a small animal, it’s likely they’ll drive off, assuming there’s nothing they can do.

Some might pull over then assume the creature’s fate has been sealed.

But one Good Samaritan has won people’s hearts after performing chest compressions on a motionless squirrel he had hit, appearing to revive the little thing.

Resuscitation – police spotted the man trying to revive the squirrel after hitting it in his car (Picture: Facebook/Brooklyn Park Police)

Police officers patrolling in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, stopped when they saw the man crouched by the side of the road near the squirrel.

When they asked him what he was doing, he explained he had “kind of ran him over a little bit” and was trying to revive him.

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As the man continued to massage the tiny squirrel, the officers asked him: “Is he squished anywhere?”, to which he replied: “No, I kind a swerved a little bit.”

The police videoing the moment suggested: “If the tire didn’t hit him. he probably just got, like, tumbled from the pressure of the car.”

Success – the Good Samaritan managed to revive the squirrel, which darted off to safety (Picture: Facebook/Brooklyn Park Police)

Asked if it felt like he had been hit by the wheels, the Good Samaritan replied: “No if he would’ve he would’ve popped.”

The man flips the squirrel onto its belly and as he strokes its back, the animal starts to come around, prompting the police to joke: “We’ll put you in for a life-saving award”.

Suddenly the little creature jumps up and flees the scene, darting away to nearby trees to smiles and high fives from the officers and the motorist.

The video has won the hearts of people online, being shared more than 12,000 times on Facebook.