Police video of moment £500,000 cannabis factory raided in Sutton

 (Met Police)
(Met Police)

Police have released a video of the moment they uncovered a massive cannabis factory in south London.

Officers filmed the “well-established” operation which saw growers siphoning off electricity from the grid outside an industrial unit in Sutton with dangling wires precariously held up by pieces of string.

In the video music plays as officers explore the huge cannabis farm, home to 300 plants and hi-tech growing equipment, after the raid on Tuesday.

Forensic officers bagged up the Class C drug with the total haul said to be worth around £500,000.

MPS Sutton tweeted: “Yesterday officers from the #Sutton safer neighbourhood’s team and the South area tasking and coordination team located a cannabis factory within an industrial unit. Cannabis worth approximately half a million pounds was seized. Great work by all teams involved!”

The force added on Wednesday: “Police attending a well-established Cannabis factory in #Sutton. This Factory had over 300 Plants and sophisticated equipment, local teams acted swiftly to shut the factory down and prevent a large amount of drugs from hitting the streets.”

The discovery came after another huge cannabis farm said to be worth £1million was discovered hidden in an abandoned police station in Streatham.

Bungling growers gave themselves away after a fire broke out inside the premises and firefighters discovered the plants on December 20.