Police Question 'Youthful Offenders' in Cleveland Suburb

A police sergeant in northeastern Ohio pulled over a couple of small drivers for “speeding” while out on patrol on April 15.

Video shared by the Mentor-on-the-Lake Police Department captured the exchange between Sgt Daubenmire and two kids as he was out on patrol.

“Can I see your driver’s license? Proof of insurance?” Daubenmire asks a young boy behind the wheel of a toy car.

“I’m gonna have to issue you guys tickets,” Daubenmire joked. The young girl riding in the passenger seat begins to cry, and the police sergeant said no tickets would be issued after all.

“How fast was he going, officer?” another person can be heard asking the sergeant. Daubenmire responds, “2.5 miles an hour. That’s .01 over the speed limit for cars with no engines.” Credit: Mentor-on-the-Lake Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Hi. Can I see your driver's license, proof of insurance?

- There's not driving licenses.

- You don't have a driver's license?

- No, it's just a robotic car.

- Where's the engine?

- That's a battery. [INAUDIBLE].

- I see the battery. Where's the engine?

- That's the engine.

- OK. Well, neither one of you got seat belts on.

- They're fake seat belts.

- Stay right here. I'll be right back.

- Going to have to issue you guys tickets. I mean--


- Oh.


- She doesn't want to go [INAUDIBLE]

- All right. All right. I won't issue you the ticket.


- OK. She's not getting a ticket, but you are.

- Uh oh.

- You still are, because you're the driver.

- How fast was he going, Officer?

- 2.5 miles an hour.


- That's 0.01 over the speed limit for cars with no engines. All right.

- It can't even go fast.

- So I'm going to write you for no seat belt, no seat belt for your passenger.

- Ran away from the scene.

- Yes. And for your passenger crying.


- And for speeding. OK. So you need to appear in court. I'm going to make sure this ticket is mailed to you. Do you have anything to say?

- No.

- All right. Well, try to enjoy your Easter.


- Thank you very much.

- All right.



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