Policeman devastates kids by announcing they still have to go to school during nationwide closures

Staff writer

This was the crushing moment three siblings were told they still have to attend school during the UK school closures that commence on Friday.

The disastrous news was revealed to Abigail, 11, Lilly, 9, and Liam, 7 on March 18 to an array of shocking responses where Lilly is reduced to tears.

The Hampshire police officer is part of the "key workers" who are unable to have time off work during the COVID-19 outbreak.

He told Newsflare: "I'm a serving police officer so I can't have time off at the minute.

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"My wife works full time from home but can't care for the children and work at the same time, especially as everywhere seems to be closing so there is nowhere to take them to keep them entertained.

"The school seem to be on it and have sent out emails today but they are still waiting to find out the specifics from the government like everyone else."

The kids have had some time to come to terms with having to attend classes while their friends will be at home.

He later told Newsflare: "They're doing ok, I would say they were devastated initially but we've explained that hopefully, it will be fun and that they will be doing something different.

"I think they think it's all a bit of an adventure at the minute!

"My eldest Abigail is due to sit her SATs exams this summer so she is upset as she's been trying really hard, but as parents, we can't really give her an answer if she going to be sitting them or not.

"You might have heard me say to Lily that she'll get to see Mr Saunders for another week. "He is her favourite teacher and really does an amazing job.

"All the teachers at the school have been great, but he's definitely the one that the kids look forward to seeing."