Polish President Says Probe Launched Into Explosion Near Ukraine Border

Polish President Andrzej Duda said in the early hours of Wednesday, November 16, it was unclear who launched the missile that caused a deadly explosion in a village in eastern Poland on Tuesday, but that the missile was “most likely” Russian-made.

Duda said investigations were underway after two people were killed in the explosion in Przewodow, a small village near the Ukrainian border. The explosion came amid widespread Russian missile strikes on Ukraine on Tuesday.

Describing the explosion as an “isolated incident”, Duda said there was “no indication that any more will take place.”

“Polish soldiers are on the ground. Allied support for us is there, and commitments are being maintained,” he said.

Duda said it was “highly likely” Poland’s ambassador to NATO would “request the activation of Article 4, or allied consultations.”

Statements from fellow NATO members, including the UK and the US, pledged support for Poland as investigations continued.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he had spoken with Duda. “[NATO] is monitoring the situation and Allies are closely consulting,” Stoltenberg said, adding that it was important “all facts are established.” Credit: President of Poland via Storyful