Polish rates at correct level, says c.banker Kochalski

FILE PHOTO: A woman passes by the National Bank of Poland in Warsaw

WARSAW (Reuters) - Polish interest rates are at the right level taking into account the central bank's most recent economic forecasts, Monetary Policy Council (MPC) member Cezary Kochalski said on Wednesday.

The National Bank of Poland (NBP) left its main interest rate on hold at 6.75% in November, provoking criticism from more hawkish policymakers.

"If it turned out that it would be impossible to achieve the inflation target within the monetary policy impact horizon, the Monetary Policy Council would certainly consider changing the parameters, i.e. interest rates in this case," Kochalski told the Super Express tabloid.

"But at the moment we believe that the decision in the light of the current projections is appropriate."

The central bank's most recent inflation projections show price growth peaking in the first quarter of 2023, before returning to the target range of 1.5-3.5% in 2025.

(Reporting by Alan Charlish and Anna Koper; Editing by Tomasz Janowski)