Poll reveals the thing Brits love most about Christmas

Seeing family is people’s favourite part of Christmas, according to a YouGov and Yahoo News poll (Picture: Getty)

Everyone’s got their own favourite part of the festive season, from gorging on mince pies to getting gifts.

But for most of Britain, the best thing about Christmas is seeing family, a new poll has revealed.

A survey carried out by YouGov Omnibus and Yahoo News UK for new podcast Britain is a Nation of… asked just over 2,000 people to rank various parts of Christmas, from seeing family to socialising with friends, giving gifts, going overboard with food or even watching Christmas adverts. 

Seeing family came out top, with a total of 85% of people saying they like it ‘a lot’ or ‘a little’, compared to just 8% of people who dislike it.

Socialising with friends is also a popular part of the festive season, with a total of 81% liking catching up with pals or colleagues a lot or a little, compared to just 9% who didn’t.

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Eating a lot of food was seen as more of a highlight of the festive season by young people, with 62% of 18-24-year-olds saying they like it a lot compared to just 20% of over-55s.

Watching Christmas adverts was the least popular festive pastime, with just 9% of people saying they like it a lot and 32% who liked it a little, compared to 46% of people who either dislike Christmas ads a lot or a little.

Six in ten people like listening to or singing Christmas carols, compared to just two in ten who dislike them, and when it comes to buying gifts, it seems women like it far more than men – with 76% liking it either a lot or a little, compared to 60% of men.

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