Poll shows support slipping for Theresa May's Tories as manifesto is launched

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With the General Election campaign entering the halfway point, it is still expected that the Conservatives will win a huge majority.

However, there may be some wobbles in Tory HQ this morning after a YouGov poll showed support slipping for Theresa May.

The Conservatives are still sitting pretty with 45% in the poll, undertaken for The Times – enough to secure another five years for Mrs May.

However, Labour have gone up 1% and now sit at 32% – their highest level in the campaign so far.

Support for Labour has hit the highest level of the General Election campaign so far (Rex)
Support for Labour has hit the highest level of the General Election campaign so far (Rex)

Explaining the results, YouGov’s Anthony Wells told the paper: “Labour seem to be holding up because they’re still getting the votes of a substantial chunk of people who don’t like Jeremy Corbyn and are presumably holding their noses and voting Labour anyway.”

The results come on the day that the Tories launched their manifesto – two days after Labour.

Wealthy pensioners will lose up to £300 in winter fuel payments and more elderly people could be forced to pay to be looked after in their own homes under Tory plans to tackle the social care crisis.

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Protection from the cost of social care for people with assets of £100,000 has also been promised, a dramatic increase from the current £23,250 level in England.

In her manifesto foreword she said: “This manifesto sets out a vision for Britain’s future not just for the next five years, but beyond.

“The next five years are the most challenging that Britain has faced in my lifetime.

“Brexit will define us: our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity.

“Now more than ever, Britain needs a strong and stable government to get the best deal for our country.”

Labour’s campaign chief Andrew Gwynne said of the manifesto policies: “Theresa May pretends otherwise, but she is a politician with a track record of failure and broken promises.

“From the economy to the NHS, and policing to schools, Theresa May’s Tories have failed again and again to deliver on the pledges they made.”

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