Pond experts share top tip and says it reduces risk of algae and green water

Dawn Fisher, David and Kayleigh Reynolds
-Credit: (Image: Lincolnshire Pond Plants Ltd)

A nursery that specialises in pond plants has shared their top gardening tip after their second year of winning gold at the Chelsea Flower Show. Located at the former RAF Binbrook site at Brookenby, Lincolnshire Pond Plants Ltd has spent the week at the annual garden show and competed with a display of their pond plants.

The family-run business is operated by Kayleigh Reynolds, her husband David Reynolds, and his mum Dawn Fisher. The nursery has over 15 acres at the former RAF site full of beautiful plants and a team of more than 20 staff members.

Kayleigh said: "We did our first Chelsea Flower Show last year and got our first Chelsea gold, so this is our second year at Chelsea and we have succeeded in getting a second gold. Our display this year was definitely a lot bigger than last year at 12m by 9m with a bridge."

A view of the team's display at the Chelsea Flower Show
A view of the team's display at the Chelsea Flower Show

The business will be competing in 14 shows this year and is one of the only UK pond plant suppliers that grow from the seed. Kayleigh added: "We do on average around 2,000 orders a day if the sun is out, and if the weather is rubbish then it's more like a few hundred to 600."

Pond plants can be "frightening" to gardeners, but Kayleigh has shared a top tip for people to follow when it comes to their ponds. She said: "In regards to ponds, what we tend to find with garden ponds is that they don't have enough plant life in them, you should plant them up as much as possible.

"A lot of people suffer with algae and green water and our plants help balance a pond out which reduces the risk of algae and green water." The business, which launched in 2017, is trying to educate the public about pond plants as they can be treated the same as a flower bed or border, but often people are scared to add things to their pond.

The business is well known for its plants, which they sell retail as well as wholesale to other companies. The business is also sustainable in everything it does and peat-free. Kayleigh continued: "We have worked really hard to establish our brand and get our name out there... we are very proud of the team we have."