Pony Replaces Puppers as Little Boy's 'Sausage Dog Chariot' Receives More Horsepower

A little boy growing fast and strong in rural New South Wales, was gifted a pony to pull his chariot after the parents realized that the family’s two Dachshunds weren’t quite powerful enough anymore, footage shared on August 21 shows.

Huckleberry was filmed in Duri by his mother, Emily Humphreys, as he inaugurated his new mount, a small pony named Ella Bella. The video shows the little boy being wheeled in his chariot, with the family’s newest addition pulling the coach.

Until then, Huckleberry had been carried around by two dachshunds, but Humphreys and her husband deemed that the growing child’s chariot needed “something of a glow-up.”

She told Storyful: “A year on from his debut ride in the sausage dog chariot, my toddler needed a little more horse power. His miniature pony Ella Bella proved the ultimate chariot companion!”

She shared the footage to Instagram where she has been documenting Huckleberry’s upbringing in rural Australia. Credit: Emily Humphreys via Storyful

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