Poole eye care specialist heralded as among the best after inspection

SpaMedica in Upton Road, Poole <i>(Image: SpaMedica)</i>
SpaMedica in Upton Road, Poole (Image: SpaMedica)

A SPECIALIST eye care provider has been heralded as an “exemplar of best practice” in a glowing report by inspectors.

SpaMedica Poole has been rated outstanding overall following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in November last year.

The ophthalmology service offers cataract surgery for NHS funded operations. In the 12 months before the inspection, the service performed 3,225 cataract operations.

More than 95 per cent of patients regained driving standard vision (or better) after cataract surgery at the Upton Road site.

Catherine Campbell, CQC head of hospital inspection, said: “We found the facilities were appropriate for the services being delivered. The environment had been adapted to support people living with dementia, including clear signage and adapted toilet facilities.

“Staff could provide anxiety fiddle kits for people who were anxious. These are handheld items that encourage fidgeting and rhythmic, repetitive motion and can calm anxiety.

“Although we pointed out one area where further improvement could be made, overall, the service is incredibly well run and should be upheld as an exemplar of best practice which others can, and should, learn from.”

Inspectors also found feedback from people using the service was consistently positive, referral to treatment times were much better than the national average, and the service provided free transport for people who met certain criteria.

Hospital manager, Kelly Watkins, added: “It’s a privilege to be able to make a difference and we’re glad inspectors picked up on our passion and commitment for what we do.”