Poor dad bursts a main water pipe in his garden while trying to set up a new trampoline for his daughter

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This hilarious video shows the aftermath of a major DIY disaster that left a family's garden flooded when the poor dad hit a main water pipe trying to install a trampoline.

Poor Jonathon Robinson, 32, felt sorry for his daughter Darcie-Rae Robinson, then 5, being bored in lockdown and decided to treat her to a brand new trampoline in August 2020.

The little girl had spoken about wanting a trampoline after watching her favourite YouTube channel - Shonduras - where the family have one built into the ground.

Doting dad 'Jono' wanted to give his daughter the same experience as her favourite YouTubers and spent two days digging a hole in the garden of their home in Openshaw, Manchester, when disaster struck.

After digging a massive hole that was two foot deep in their front garden, Jono hit a main water pipe with his spade and the hole suddenly began to fill with water.

With water up to his knees, embarrassed Jono admitted defeat and the utility company were forced to come and fix the mess he'd made, much to the amusement of his family.

Doorman Jono said: "I bought the trampoline for my daughter so she could have something fun to do during lockdown. Instead, we ended up with a waterhole and a mountain of mud in the garden!

"We had the trampoline above ground to start with, but Darcie-Rae wanted it to be in the ground, just like her favourite YouTuber, Adley [from Shonduras], has in her garden.

"I got about two foot deep and then water started rapidly filling the hole - I'd hit a main water pipe with a spade when I was digging.

"I knew straight away that I'd hit a pipe because of how fast the hole started filling with water. I tried fixing it myself with tape from The Range but failed miserably!

"The two foot hole was nearly full by the time it got drained - I think it would have overflowed if it wasn't for the clay covering the hole in the pipe.

"Thankfully, the utility company came to drain the hole and replace the pipe two weeks later - not before taking photos and having a good chuckle about it!

"My family found it hilarious! Our neighbours were more like 'the poor girl waiting for her trampoline' but Darcie-Rae was surprisingly ok with it all. 

"My friends and pretty much everyone who has walked past the house have joked that I made her a swimming pool instead of a trampoline station!"

Not deterred by his epic DIY fail, Jono attempted the job once again just weeks after the pipe was replaced and was thankfully successful the second time round.

He added: "I'm usually not too bad at things inside the house but this was all new to me. It wouldn't stop me trying other things though. It's all trial and error."