Quiz! Can you name the pop group from just two members?

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Quiz! Can you name the pop group from just two members?

Pop groups come in all shapes and sizes. Boybands, girlbands, dance troupes and vocal groups. From duos like PJ and Duncan all the way up to 30 members in the So Solid Crew.

But would you be able to recognise a chart-topping pop group from the name of just two of its members? As Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston famously sang, “It takes two, baby!” Will that be enough of a pop clue for you?

This latest quiz will test your knowledge of some of the biggest pop groups of the past few decades. You may well remember their music - but do you remember all their names?

Take our ten-question multiple-choice quiz to find out if you are able guess the pop group from just two of the members.

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