Pop up digital screens, body heat seats and a transparent cabin roof: Airbus provide a glimpse into the future of air travel

It may look like a scene from Steven Spielberg's sci-fi thriller ‘Minority Report’ but this is what taking a flight could look like by 2050.

Airbus concept plane of the future. Please note video does not contain sound.

This fascinating glimpse into the future of air travel has been created by the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. It is one where inflight entertainment is provided for passengers by ultra-thin monitors and where the cabin roof is transparent, offering views to the sky above and around as the aircraft streams towards its destination.

A major plus, to be welcomed by any traveller, is the prediction that the high-tech reclining seats will offer more leg room than you’re likely to get in the royal box at Wembley Stadium.

Airbus believes there will be further cuts to carbon emissions by the aircraft of the future in that they will need less fuel to fly. In part, energy will be provided by the passengers themselves as their seats will harvest their body heat.

Furthermore, it believes plane fuselages will be made of 100% recyclable materials.

“The world is changing so we have to constantly engage with fliers,” said Charles Champion, Airbus vice president of engineering. “More than 1.7 million people have provided their input to us in terms of shaping the future.

“Passengers really care about the environment, 96% of them told us they want greener flying,” he added. “Only a few percent are interested in speed and even then it is about the whole travel experience. The thing that they dislike most is delays at checking in.'