Porsche 914 revival being considered as new entry-level car

uk.info@motor1.com (Adrian Padeanu)
Porsche 914

"A cheaper entry-level Porsche would be the right thing to do."

Getting behind the wheel of a new targa from Porsche these days sets you back at least £90,240, but what if the folks from Zuffenhausen were to offer a much more affordable targa? In fact, the droptop would even undercut the £46,651 718 Boxster. Well, it might just happen eventually. In an extended interview published on the company’s media site, Porsche design boss Michael Mauer talks about the 912’s replacement and how its design was influenced by the 550 Spyder.

When asked about the prospects of a modern-day 914, Mauer admitted it’s a “very interesting” proposal and it’s a hot topic “all the time” within the company. He went on to mention the time has come for a back-to-basics sports car that would slot underneath the Boxster. Ideally, it would be a car “with almost no electrics, everything mechanical, puristic.”

Could the 928 return as well?

Another scenario is to develop a car that would cater to those who drive Audi TT RSs and VW Golf R32s, adding it would be a modern-day 550 “in the broadest sense.” That said, he’s concerned sales wouldn’t be good enough for such a car, therefore the business case just isn’t there. The man behind the design of the original Mercedes A-Class as well as the first SLK didn’t outright say Porsche is working on a new base model, but it did suggest such a car is a distinct possibility to broaden the company’s customer base.

It’s too early to say whether a new 914 would have a targa top like the original, but the following sentence gives us hope a sub-Boxster model could indeed be on the way: “The more I work with the 914 – that’s exactly what I’m fighting for now. This reduced, puristic approach. Integrating things, not one line too many.”

Reading between the lines, it appears the cheaper mid-engined car is more than just an idea as progress has been made and the 914 revival has entered the design phase.

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