Porsche Taycan, 917 Living Legend Join Gran Turismo Sport

feedback@motor1.com (Jeff Perez)

Two hot new options for virtual racers.

The £115,858 Porsche Taycan isn't exactly an EV on a budget. But it won't take a second mortgage to get behind the wheel of one – at least, digitally. Porsche this week announced the Taycan Turbo S for Gran Turismo Sport. Racers will be able to drive the 751-bhp saloon as part of a free content update in October 2019.

It took nearly nine months for Porsche and Polyphony Digital to develop the Taycan for use in Gran Turismo Sport. Thanks to that long cooperative, the virtual Taycan supposedly recreates Porsche's Electric Sport Sound flawlessly, features an extremely detailed cabin, and closely adapts the Taycan's real-world performance on the track to circuits in-game.


"Motorsport is part of our DNA and racing games offer great opportunities to drive a Porsche yourself on the racetrack," says Kjell Gruner, Vice President Marketing at Porsche. "The multi-award-winning ‘Gran Turismo’ franchise is the perfect partner for offering our fans the opportunity of having a Porsche experience in racing games. To further strengthen our esports engagement also has the highest priority."

But the Taycan isn't the only Porsche coming to Gran Turismo Sport. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 917, Porsche is also making the 917 Living Legend concept available to gamers. The full-size version of this sleek supercar debuted in March, but won't make its way into Gran Turismo Sport until early next year.

Take a look at the Taycan:

A third Porsche concept will also join the Taycan and 917 Living Legend late in 2020. The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo concept, following in the footsteps of other Vision GT cars before it, will be the first-ever Porsche concept of its kind.