Porsche Design shows off record-breaking 16-foot TV which costs £414,000

Rob Waugh
The 201-inch screen rises up out of the ground on a motorised mount, then unfolds. (Image: SWNS)

Porsche Design has shown off the world's largest outdoor LED television - a 16-foot-wide motorised screen which costs £414,000.

The machine rises up out of the ground on a motorised mount in response to a command from a remote control, then unfolds in 40 seconds ready for use.

The 201-inch screen is made from 725,000 LEDs on seven interlocking panels, and is equipped with biometric fingerprint sensors to 'lock out' unwanted users.

Makers C SEED showed off a new video demonstration of the set this year. The screen was first demonstrated in 2011. C SEED spent four years creating the television.

The company claims it is the 'world's largest' commercial outdoor set - although some professional TV installations in public places are larger.

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Alexander Swatek, from C SEED owner Global Bright Group, said, "One of the criteria was that the TV had to appear and disappear by a simple remote control command.

"The reason for a system being fully ground-retractable is that we believe nobody really wants a big, black screen in their garden or pool area when the system is not in use."

The C SEED 201 is one of many imaginative products which have been developed in collaboration with the car maker's design company.

The Porsche Design Studio was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1972 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Over the next 40 years it has designed everything from exclusive kitchens to mobile phones.

Porsche Design Studio, which is now located in Austria, also designs products for firms such as C SEED who then manufacture products without the famous Porsche branding.