Portraits, pop stars and sweet potato mousse

A must for Millennials

Zut alors! London only came 16th in a survey to discover the city in which most Millennials want to live. This is a travesty mon amis. Nothing competes with a stroll up the Thames or a glass of Kronenbourg at a rooftop bar overlooking the city. London Millennials must have been too busy Instagramming than to vote in the poll.

Retro restaurant

An East End restaurant is bringing back Seventies classics prawn cocktail and chicken kievs with a “modern twist”. Surely we need to see the return of a French classic: the vol-au-vent. Viva la pastry!

Picture perfect

The BP Portrait Prize 2017 has been revealed and unsurprisingly there’s a Frenchman in the final three. Bonne chance, Thomas Ehretsmann!

Hard to swallow

Funny story from LA where a woman broke into the home of Drake and stole his water. Obviously this would never happen to a French music star, for they would invite the fan to join them with a glass of beer on their veranda.

Potato no-no

We are big fans of gastronomy – we have some of the best restaurants in the world. But what did we see on your MasterChef? A chocolate mousse made from sweet potato? It whet the whistle of Mr Wallace, but we would rather see a mousse made from the artisanal chocolat from the streets of Paris.