Portugal easing lockdown sees public return to scenic southern coast

Further easing of virus restrictions terraces and monuments reopening Images of people at the beach, terraces, at the city, seaside, cost, walking and enjoying the good weather in the Faro city, Algarve at the south of Portugal, as seen on April 5. The Government has announced the new measures to ease lockdown across the country which will take place between 15 March and 3 May. In the southern Algarve, famous for its beaches and golf courses but now nearly deserted, the number of registered jobless spiked 74% to 33,458 last month from a year ago, making it the most affected region followed by Lisbon. The tourism industry, which was booming before the COVID-19 outbreak, played a crucial role in the recovery from the 2010 economic and debt crisis. The sector suffered its worst results since the mid-1980s last year. No crisis in recent history has hit Portugal’s economy as hard, with the country’s gross domestic product shrinking 7.6% last year, its biggest annual slump since 1936.