Possum Hitches Ride With Queensland Police Officer Rescuing Injured Magpie From Highway

A Queensland police officer who pulled over to rescue a possum from a highway briefly lost the animal when he also stumbled upon an injured magpie, only to find the marsupial had stowed away in his motorcycle while he tended to the injured bird.

Footage released by police shows the rescue, which took place on a highway near Nundah, a suburb of Brisbane, on November 13.

In the video, the officer slows down after spotting a possum by the roadside before coming across an injured magpie nearby. After gently tucking the bird in his motorcycle for transportation, he notices the possum is gone. During a drive to find him, he spots the animal had in fact hitched a ride.

“It was just an average night for this officer when he spotted a furry friend in need,” police said on Facebook, adding that the bird and possum were brought to safety. Credit: Queensland Police Service via Storyful

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