Possum Narrowly Avoids Being Sawed in Two by Farmer Cutting Down Tree

A possum narrowly avoided a gruesome fate when the tree trunk it had burrowed into was cut into several pieces on a farm in Tasmania.

This footage, recorded by farmer Garrick Cameron on May 10, shows the possum inside the hollowed-out tree trunk, just beyond the point where the trunk had been cut down.

“That’s a possum bro. Man, that’s so lucky, that just barely cuts the back of his arse,” Cameron says.

Cameron jokingly tells his friend, Tom, to stick his hand in and pull the possum out, but the pair eventually coax the frightened marsupial from the trunk by gently poking it with a stick.

“How crazy is that,” Cameron later says. In further footage, Cameron gives a fuller picture of how the possum likely made its way into the tree, burrowing in under a “dead” branch. Credit: Garrick Cameron via Storyful

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