Post Malone and Michael Bay are creating a "new IP universe" about an 18-wheeler from heaven that fights zombies in medieval Europe

 Post Malone in Road House.
Post Malone in Road House.

Musician Post Malone and filmmaker Michael Bay are pairing their talents for a "new IP universe" which will launch with an as yet unnamed graphic novel through Vault Comics.

The untitled story, which Post Malone describes as "badass," and Bay describes as "just what the graphic world needs right now" will center on a premise so bizarre and non-sequitur it actually just might work. Set in a fictionalized version of medieval Europe, the only thing standing in the way of a horde of zombies so massive it could engulf the entire continent is an 18-wheeler truck sent straight from heaven.

While the implications of that idea are staggering and the questions it raises many, it at least makes total sense why Michael Bay, who directed the original Transformers movie and many of its sequels, would be into a story about a super 18-wheeler from somewhere far away.

That said, this is being described as a whole new "IP universe," so the Transformers connections are only thematic. And that also means that the story, which will initially be told in comics, is planned to branch out into other media as well.

Along with being untitled, the story also does not yet have an announced creative team. It's unclear how involved Post Malone and Michael Bay will be in the actual creation of the comic, though Post Malone's own statement indicates he's seemingly gonna be at least a little hands-on.

"I'm so pumped to share this badass story with the world, and I couldn't ask for better partners than Michael Bay and Vault to help bring this story to life," he tells Deadline, who made the initial announcement.

"I love working with talented people, and Post Malone is incredibly gifted," says Bay. "I am excited to work with him on such an intriguing idea, and when you add Vault to the mix, it raises the bar to another level. This new IP is just what the graphic world needs right now."

Meanwhile, Vault Comics CEO Damian Wessel raises the stakes, calling the story "the kind of project you dream about."

"We get to work with an exceptional artist at the top of his game to build a completely original story from the ground up. We have an iconic director helping to guide the creative development. We're going to bring the world a mind-blowing graphic novel, and that’s just the beginning," Wessel promises.

The announcement via Deadline did not include any timeframe for release for the untitled comic book.

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