Poundland launches 'Britain's cheapest meal deal'

Poundland agreed to buy up to 71 Wilko shops last September (Tim Goode / PA)
Poundland agreed to buy up to 71 Wilko shops last September (Tim Goode / PA)

Poundland is taking on retailers such as Tesco and Boots with the introduction of their own “unbeatable” meal deal, which is the lowest priced at £3.

Rebranded as Grab A Bite, the offering includes a main course, a drink, and a snack – all without requiring a loyalty card.

The lines were created in collaboration with Greencore and On A Roll, a new fresh sandwich supplier from the north-east of England, and are offered in all Poundland locations.

The discount shop offers around 60 new bakery items and salads as key options for the "unbeatable" cost food-to-go combo.

Poundland's recently launched wraps are primarily loaded with chicken in flavours such as Tikka, Honey Dijon, Southern Fried, Caesar, and Cajun. There is even a falafel wrap suitable for vegetarians and vegans.Traditional British favourites, including cheese and pickle, tuna salad, prawn mayo, chicken and stuffing, BLT, and egg mayo predominate fillings in subs and sandwiches.

There are many different options available when it comes to snacks. Savoury options include Peperami Snacks, Fridge Raiders, scotch eggs, hummous dips, and Dairylea Dunkers.Additionally, a wide variety of well-known brands of sweets and crisps are available, such as Pringles, McCoys, Mini Cheddars, Cadbury, Nestlë, Haribo, and more, such as Oreo Fresh Milk Snacks, Nomadic Oat Clusters and Müller Rice.

Drinkswise - there is also a good variety.

From popular brands like Vimto, Oasis, Capri-Sun, and J20 to brands like Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, and 7UP.In addition, milkshakes such as Frijj and Yazoo are available, along with smoothies, Juice Burst, and even Starbucks Frappuccinos in bottles.

Poundland has more than 800 locations where you can get the Grab A Bite meal deal.