This POV video of a ‘family vlogger kid’ is heartbreaking

Family vlogger POV

I think we all agree that family vloggers — the ones who post their kids’ every move online — have taken things too far. But a heartbreaking TikTok video is shining even more light on how strange and potentially damaging their behavior is.

TikToker Courtney Lange posted the skit video, in which she plays the child of a family vlogger. Through a series of scenarios, she imagines what life is like from a shy little girl’s point of view when her mom insists on filming nearly every interaction they have.

The video starts with the little girl waking up, excited to tell her mom about the dream she had.

“Mom, last night I had a crazy dream that I was—”

She stops as the text “Sees the tripod” appears above her head.

“What’s wrong, honey? What were you going to tell me?” her mom asks. She responds, “Oh, I forgot. I forgot what it was.”

In the next skit, she arrives home from school with a piece of art she made in class.

“Hi mom!” she says. “Look at the picture I made at school today!”

Her mom responds, “Wow, sweetie, that’s beautiful! Everyone, look at the picture my daughter made at school today. She is so talented. Sweetie, hold it back up so we can see it!”

But her daughter, visibly uncomfortable, doesn’t want to.

The next skit is particularly hard to watch. The little girl spills a cup of water on the floor, then rushes to clean it up before her mom sees it.

“Can you please help me clean this up before she sees?” she says to someone off camera. “If she sees, she’ll record this. They’re gonna laugh at me.”

Mom arrives just as she’s finishing mopping up and asks what happened. Upon hearing that the spill is almost cleaned up, she asks, “This would be a really good addition for the vlog today, so why don’t we fill up a cup and have you spill it again?”

The video ends on a heartbreaking note when the mom asks her daughter for a hug. She nervously looks around before asking, “Are we recording this?”

In the comments, viewers shared how the different clips in the video hit them right in the gut.

“God, I know it’s a skit. But the ICKKKK is so real,” one wrote.

Another added, “id never be able to trust my parents


And this one hit the nail on the head: “The documentaries are gonna be INSANE.”

It’s a good reminder that kids deserve privacy and dignity too, no matter their age.