Practical Magic 2 Is Happening, And Sandra Bullock Is Already Teasing The Witchy Sequel

 Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Practical Magic fans can get excited, because Practical Magic 2 is finally happening! The original film is a modern classic and one of the best not-so-scary Halloween movies to watch for some witchy fun. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are pitch perfect in the film, and their chemistry is a big part of why the film lives on in the hearts of many. Both actresses are signed on for the project, and Bullock recently teased the film at a recent event.

The Gravity actress was in attendance for a book event celebrating Griffin Dunne, the director of the 1998 film. Practical Magic line producer Mary McLaglen was also at the event, acting as a bit of a reunion for the movie’s cast and crew. The director was celebrating the release of his memoir, however the Practical Magic chatter was very much present. During the celebration, Bullock couldn’t help but say something about the upcoming sequel to one of The Proposal star’s most memorable films. She said (via People):

Here comes trouble, but good trouble.

The rumor mill around the movie has been buzzing for a while, but just recently, the cast and crew has been open about Practical Magic 2 being underway. Kidman has been in the midst of promoting her new movie, A Family Affair, and she revealed during the press tour that both her and Bullock will be leading the sequel, and she is excited about the story at hand. Both actresses have been selective about their projects in recent years, so both signing on for the upcoming sequel is a great sign. I can’t wait to see what the Owen’s sisters have been up to after all these years.

For people unfamiliar, the original Practical Magic follows two sister witches who have opted out using magic themselves. However, when the sisters become the center of an investigation regarding the disappearance of a violent boyfriend, they have to learn how to resurrect a body. In doing so, they put their family legacy in jeopardy. The book-to-screen adaptation is one of the few spooky movies that focuses on women and sister relationships, and it has gained a cult following since its 1998 release.

While remakes and sequels are often ill-advised when adapting a beloved film, Practical Magic could be the exception. The movie was initially critically panned before gaining cult classic status, and the two actresses have grown immensely in stature since the initial 1998 release. This could be a chance to improve on what worked in the original film and build off of Kidman and Bullock’s acting talents. Many details about Practical Magic 2 are still being kept under wraps, but this teasing by the actresses should be enough to generate audience hype.

Practical Magic 2 is still in development, so a release date is currently far off. In the meantime, you can revisit Practical Magic now with a Max subscription. For more information on other exciting titles heading to the big screen in the near future, make sure to consult our 2024 movie release schedule.