Prankster housemates cover friend's entire bedroom in left-over Christmas WRAPPING PAPER

Robert and Stu covered every inch of best friend Craig's room in festive paper. (Caters)

Two housemates left their friend fuming - after covering his entire bedroom in left-over Christmas wrapping paper.
Robert Brown and Stuart Morhall thought the perfect gift for best friend Craig Macey would be a room makeover.
The pranksters who live in Aldershot, Hampshire, used twelve leftover rolls of wrapping paper and three rolls of sellotape while packing away the festive left-overs.
They spent two days gift-wrapping everything in the Law graduate's room while he was away over New Year.
And as expected, prank victim Craig was not impressed when he first discovered his room had been all wrapped up.
He said: 'It was funny and I appreciate the joke, but it wasn't what I wanted after a long drive home.
'It was nice to have more presents to open mind you.'

However the 23-year-old can't complain too much as it comes as a backlash to an earlier prank on housemate Rob's room.
Fitness advisor Rob said: 'A while ago Craig and Stu thought it would be a great decision to decorate my walls with Argos catalogue pages - I had a Saturday job there when I was younger.
'When wrapping up my Christmas presents I noticed that I had a few rolls of paper left over.
'I thought it would be a great time to get my own back.'
Sadly the prank masterpiece was only last a couple of hours but it looks like Stuart is next in line for a room makeover.
Craig said: 'Stuart's room is next and the bar has been raised so I would be worried if I was him.'