Praxent Supports Church Extension Plan in Developing Modern Mobile App

Praxent delivers full UI/UX refresh for financial services nonprofit’s mobile app and web portal designs

AUSTIN, Texas, November 02, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Praxent, a fintech product agency with more than two decades of experience, today announced its partnership with Church Extension Plan (CEP), a financial services nonprofit that offers leading financial and administrative services to churches and ministries.

Founded in 1950, CEP provides financial products including investment notes, retirement account options, estate planning services, and church loans to over 8,000 customers. Recognizing the need to become more modern and mobile-friendly, CEP partnered with Praxent to create a comprehensive UI/UX technology refresh and development-ready mobile app and web portal designs.

"An updated web portal and App Store presence were critical to properly reflect our company’s trustworthiness, security, and dedication to positive customer outcomes in the digital age," said Christopher Lund, programmer and IT manager at CEP. "Working with Praxent was the best investment we could have made. They really helped us understand exactly what we needed and ultimately presented a seamless, consistent experience that met each of our three user bases’ unique needs. We are confident this new, more robust user journey will delight current customers while attracting potential partners."

Praxent delivered three high fidelity workflows, clickable UX prototypes, and a component library that significantly accelerated frontend development in parallel with testing. While waiting for the build process to conclude---well ahead of schedule, as a direct result of working with Praxent—CEP is re-evaluating other technologies, prioritizing future thinking across the organization.

"CEP is providing exceptional service to religious organizations across the country, but its previously limited digital presence has hindered future growth," said Tim Hamilton, CEO of Praxent. "Working together, we were able to create an intuitive web portal and mobile app, meeting the wants and needs of its multigenerational, cross-functional user base."

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