Pre-orders for Kirby’s Dream Buffet are now live – here’s how to buy it and when it releases

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Roll your way to victory in four-player races (iStock/The Independent)
Roll your way to victory in four-player races (iStock/The Independent)

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a competitive multiplayer title exclusive to the Nintendo Switch that will see players roll across food-themed courses in order to reach the end goal.

The game received a surprise announcement in July 2022 with a new trailer and now the game finally has a release date – and it’s much sooner than you think.

Ihe new trailer, we caught a glimpse of what Kirby’s Dream Buffet will look like. Essentially it appears to be a cross between other platform racers such as Fall Guys with the spherical rolling action of the Monkey Ball series.

It’s the second Kirby title to be released in 2022 after Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which was rated as one of our favourite games for the Switch in 2022.

To find out when this titlereleases and how to pre-order on the Nintendo eShop, keep reading the rest of the article below.

‘Kirby’s Dream Buffet’ for Nintendo Switch: £13.49,

  • Release date: 17 August 2022

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

  • Age rating: 3+

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a jam-packed (literally) race that sees up to four players race the “gourmet grand prix” in several foodie-themed levels.

Four different Kirbys must battle it out, compete in races, and play mini-games to declare victory. After all the action is said and done, all the Kirbys “weigh-in” to see who feasted the most, and is then declared the winner.

Players can compete one-versus-one on the same console, or up to four players can compete in a battle-royale through online multiplayer, which will require a Nintendo Switch Online account.

The game is currently priced at £13.49 and is available exclusively on the Nintendo eShop.

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