Predator jailed for sexual assault on woman walking dog in Brixton

John Dunne
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<p>Nahom Binyam has been jailed for 56 months</p> (Met Police.)

Nahom Binyam has been jailed for 56 months

(Met Police.)

A “dangerous and predatory” sex offender has been jailed for more than four years after attacking a woman walking her dog in south London.

Nahom Binyam, 21, followed his victim firstly shouting after her before grabbing her and pinning her to the ground.

The woman, 31, only escaped after she bit Binyam’s hand , screamed and managed to alert a passer-by.

She had been walking her dog on Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, when she was initially approached by her attacker and a man he was talking to.

The victim then noticed that the second man had gone and Binyam was following her.

Despite her pleas for him to leave her alone he threw her to the ground and attacked her subjecting her to a terrifying assault at just before 7am on 9 July 2020.

He was jailed for 56 months at Inner London Crown Court on Friday (April 9) after pleading guilty to sexual assault and attempted penetration without consent.

Police tracked Binyam, from Croydon, by trawling through hours of CCTV footage which placed him at the scene.

Investigating Officer, Detective Constable James Preston, said: “Nahom Binyam is a dangerous and predatory sex offender who posed a very real risk to women.

“Thanks to this brave survivor’s disclosure to police we were able to identify, arrest, charge and remand him within 24 hours of the attack and due to the weight of the evidence against him, Binyam pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

“I realise that Binyam may have offended against other women who, as a result, may be in need of support. I urge anyone who has suffered a sexual assault to contact police without delay.”

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted should contact police without delay on 101 or online at

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