Predator kidnapped and sexually assaulted seriously injured woman from Bond Street Tube station

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A predator who used his high-vis jacket to kidnap and sexually assault a seriously injured woman from Bond Street tube station has been convicted.

Sharif Abbas, of Nightingale Road, Haringey, was found guilty of kidnap and sexual assault on Monday after a trial at Southwark Crown Court.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing at the same court on Monday, February 28 next year.

The court heard how his victim, a 19-year-old woman, fell down a set of stairs at Bond Street tube station around 6am on July 16, 2019, suffering a head injury and broken wrist.

She made her way to the platform with a head wound that left her skull exposed and sat down.

Abbas approached her and offered to “help”.

The 30-year old then led the vulnerable woman out of the station, putting on a high-vis vest he had from a previous job, and told her to wait for him.

He scouted out a nearby empty basement, telling her he needed to examine her injuries - before sexually assaulting her.

Unknown to him, he had accidentally set off a silent alarm when entering the basement.

Police found him with the injured victim under a covered walkway away from the eyes of the public with his fly open and his hands under her clothes.

The victim was rushed to hospital for treatment to her head and surgery on her wrist. She has since made a full recovery from those injuries.

The court heard how Abbas claimed to police it did not occur to him to press any of the emergency buttons on the platform and he said he had tried unsuccessfully to call for an ambulance.

No call to 999 was ever made and no first aid was given. He also claimed he had just spoken to a man who would provide bandages but CCTV revealed this was also untrue.

Detective Constable Nigel Pacquette, the investigating officer, said the young woman’s bravery had spared other women “the perverse attentions of this man”.

“To take advantage of a seriously injured woman, particularly at a time when she required urgent medical attention, is deplorable,” he said.

“Thankfully, the quick thinking of the officers who responded to the alarm call, ensured that Abbas was apprehended at the scene.

“He was calculating and predatory and the verdict is wholly the right outcome to ensure that other women are protected from him.”

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