'Predatory sex offender' abused young girl while he was licensee at pub

Robert Daniels, 75, committed offences whilst a licensee at The Engineer in Newhaven
Robert Daniels, 75, committed offences whilst a licensee at The Engineer in Newhaven

A man described as a “predatory sex offender” has been found responsible for a string of child sex offences against a young girl.

Robert Daniels, 75, was found to have committed seven offences against his victim between 2013 and 2019 - whilst being the licensee of a pub.

Daniels, of Ellis Garden Court in Newhaven, was the licensee of The Engineer in Railway Road, Newhaven at the time of the offences.

Detective Sergeant Nick Green, from the Safeguarding Investigations Unit in Eastbourne, said: “Robert Daniels is a predatory sex offender who groomed not only a child, but an entire community.

“I would like to thank his young victim for the incredible bravery she has shown in reporting these crimes and supporting the investigation through to prosecution. “While the unique circumstances of this case meant a custodial sentence was not possible, the verdict delivered on Wednesday confirms Daniels was responsible for these horrific crimes and holds him to account.

“The Sexual Harm Prevention Order issued, as well as the extension of Daniels’ appearance on the Sex Offenders’ Register, should ensure he is not able to cause any further harm to the victim and her family, while protecting other children in the community.”

Daniels had been deemed unfit to enter a plea for the offences on account of having been diagnosed with dementia.

A jury at Hove Crown Court returned a verdict statement on Wednesday, November 23, saying that Daniels committed the offences.

He has now been given a seven-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order which severely restricts his access to children and his victim.

Daniels has been prohibited from contacting his victim or her family. He has also been ordered not to enter The Engineer pub or Railway Road.

He had previously been on the Sex Offenders’ Register as a result of a previous unrelated offence in 2018. He will now appear on the register for a further seven years following these offences.

Daniels’s victim has been praised for her “incredible bravery” in coming forward with her story and helping with the investigation.