'My pregnancy non-negotiables include a babymoon, £1k push present - and a three-bedroom house'

A woman has revealed her pregnancy non-negotiables - including a babymoon, £1k push present and personal trainer to get back in shape. Single Nora Talal, 26, says she would refuse to have a baby with someone who could not keep up with her demands.

Nora says she wouldn't work from maternity to nursery age and wants to go on a luxury babymoon - a holiday before the baby arrives - with her partner to relax and be in the right frame of mind to give birth. Nora says she would like a push present, which is a gift to acknowledge the mother giving birth, from her partner to the value of at least £1k, and suggested a designer handbag or a pair of shoes.

She would demand a private room for her post-pregnancy care in a hospital and wants to own a three-bed house in London, or the surrounding counties, to bring her baby home to.

Nora would like to attend all baby classes with her partner, for him to abstain from whatever she can't do or whatever makes her sick while expecting, and for him to pay for her post-pregnancy personal trainer and meal subscription service so she can get back in shape.

She says she "probably wouldn't consider" a partner who couldn't give her what she wants, but says some things are negotiable. Nora, a tech sales worker, from West Hampstead, London, who has not had any children yet, said: "I think I just set standards for my life that I live by.

"I've worked my whole life and got used to having a certain lifestyle I guess. Everything I'm demanding I can provide for myself, but why should I compromise the standard I've set myself just because I've had a baby and I'm not going back to work immediately?

"I shared my thoughts online and I've had mixed responses. The majority of negatives often come from men and I guess it might have irked people the wrong way.

"In their words, it's demanding. I'm single and that's been a point they like to pick on, they say that it's for a reason. I stand by my decisions. I get a lot of people saying I'm delusional and a lot of people think it's satire. It's genuinely my opinion."

Nora said she has always wanted to be married and at least 30 before having children. She said: "I would quite like to enjoy being married before I have a child. I'm not saying having kids ruins your life, but things change and you're going to be restricted with the pressures of kids."

While she hopes to one day return to work, Nora would like to be employment-free from maternity to nursery age. She said: "Ideally I'd probably want to go into a role that works around child hours.

"Even if I could do what I'm doing now with more flexibility. It would be nice for my husband to have paternity as well but I think for me I would need to have from maternity leave to nursery years off."

Nora would also like to have her own babymoon before the arrival of her little one. She said: "The idea is you know you're pregnant and when it's advisable you can travel then you go on holiday.

"It's for you and your partner to spend time together before you become a family. The dynamic changes when a child is involved and it would be quite nice for me to relax - somewhere not too far as I'd be pregnant."

Next up on Nora's list is a push present - and she would like her future husband to save up. She added: "I don't know anyone that's had a baby, but it's (a push present) kind of a common thing online with influencers and celebs.

"There have been celebrities who have cars as a present but like I said if someone put away £150 a month for the duration of the pregnancy then it'd be nice.

"It sounds stuck up when I say it, but it shouldn't be less than £1,000 I think. I'd be more than happy to think of things leading up to it."

When it comes to delivery, Nora would feel more comfortable in her own private room. She said: "From my understanding, you get one anyway but afterwards you are taken to a maternity ward. I don't want that.

"I've just had a baby. I don't want to be around others, just our family. Where Kate Middleton gave birth it was about £18,000. I'm not saying that's what I'm aiming for but roughly around £5,000 through a private hospital. I'd be happy to split that as well."

Nora would also like to own a three-bed house with one room to be used as a nursery and expects her partner to attend baby classes with her. As well as that, she is demanding that her partner abstain from whatever she can't do.

"If we're together, anything that I can't do, he can't do", she said. "Even the stuff that makes me feel sick, he can't eat that as well, in front of me.

"Anything behind my back is fine. When my colleagues were fasting at work, I didn't eat around them. It's the same sort of thing. It's about respect."

Lastly, Nora expects her husband to pay for a personal trainer and meal subscription service for her. She said: "I'm not going to be working first of all and I think from a partner perspective, women's bodies drastically change from children.

"It's needed for me to the best version of myself for my child and future husband. I'm not looking for reconstructive surgery, I just want to look and feel good. I just need something there that's accessible.

"I think the PT and meal prep could be a costly expense but it would have to be one or the other. People sort of took it (her TikTok video) the wrong way as they're saying that having a baby is such a chore.

"But this video wasn't about the positives of having a baby it was about my conditions for pregnancy. I can't wait to one day be a mother."


No ring, no baby

No working from maternity to nursery


Push present (£1k)

Private room

Own three-bed house

Baby classes

Husband to abstain from things she can't do

Pay for PT and meal subscription service