Pregnant Coleen Rooney jets back to England to confront husband Wayne after arrest

A “furious” Coleen Rooney has flown back to England from her Majorca holiday so that she can confront her husband Wayne after he was arrested for being drunk behind the wheel of another woman’s car, it has been reported.

Sources claim that pregnant Coleen is worried that Wayne is “going off the rails”, giving him a “final warning” after his latest antics.

Coleen has jetted home to confront her husband. Copyright: [PA]

Coleen was on holiday with her and Wayne’s three sons, seven-year-old Kai, four-year-old Klay, and one-year-old Kit, when news of Wayne’s arrest broke.

The 31-year-old beauty was said to be “livid and embarrassed”, with an insider telling The Sun: “Coleen and Wayne’s inner circle of close friends have been very concerned over the last couple of months about his behaviour.

“There’s a feeling he is going off the rails.

Coleen hoped Wayne’s recent move to Everton football club would be a ‘fresh start’. Copyright: [Rex]

“Coleen has previously put him on a final warning to shape up and this has emphasised the need for real change.”

And hopes that Wayne’s recent move to Everton football club would be a fresh start have seemingly been dashed, with the source adding: “Coleen and his team hoped the move to Everton would be a fresh start, but it doesn’t look that way now.

“It’s not fair for someone who is four months pregnant to be going through this stress.

Coleen is currently pregnant with her and Wayne’s fourth child. Copyright: [Twitter]

“She’s been there before with Wayne and her tendency is to stick by him through thick and thin. But she does want to see some real change.”

Wayne and Coleen first met in school at the age of 12, dating from the age of 16 before finally getting married in June 2008.

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