Pregnant cow lifted free from well in south India by team of farmers

A pregnant cow that fell into a well in southern India was hoisted out by a team of farmers and animal rescue workers. The incident took place in Naaluvaasankottai village, Tamil Nadu on February 14. Murugan, a local farmer, owns a couple of cows that usually graze the grass in his fields, and discovered one of them had fallen into the well that day. The cow was found at the bottom of the well mooing for help, prompting Murugan to call the nearby farmers for help. They informed the fire and the rescue department. Animal rescue workers arrived shortly after, with one descending into the well and tying ropes on the two sides of the cow's body. The cow was lifted free using the rope winch, and luckily didn't sustain any injuries. After being checked at the vet, the cow and unborn calf were both found to be healthy.